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Termite Inspection Reports in Port Charlotte, FL - All Service Pest ManagementThe Silent Destroyers Are Also Nearly Invisible 

Known as the silent destroyers, termites eat away at wood, flooring, even wallpaper, and usually go completely undetected. If you live in a wooded area there could be as many as three to four colonies nearby. Each colony can have as many as a million termites.

When it comes to termites it really doesn’t matter if your home is made of wood or concrete. Subterranean Termites live underground and travel long distances to get to the chewy good stuff in your home. They usually swarm only once per year so you are unlikely to notice them until significant damage has been done.

Most banks require a termite inspection prior to closing on a home. And even if they don’t, you should always get the proper inspections including a termite inspection.

 Termite Inspection For The Real Estate Market

Formosan Subterranean Termite Microscope View

FORMOSAN – The “Ultimate” Subterranean Termite

The real estate market is booming right now. It is worth it to get peace of mind by getting a Termite Inspection Report from All Service Pest Management, your local termite specialist. Whether you are trying to sell your home, buying a home, or just want peace of mind, contact All Service Pest Management today.

Time Limits – Don’t Miss Your Window

Usually your time to do inspections after entering into a contract to purchase a home is limited by agreement. Generally, you don’t have much time to choose a home inspector and a termite specialist to inspect the home. Termite inspections usually take less than an hour. Call us right away at (941) 627-5833.

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