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Residential Pest Control Services by All Service Pest Management in Port Charlotte, FLIt’s natural to have concerns about residential pest control services. But don’t worry. Protecting your family from pest does not have to be expensive, inconvenient, or bothersome. Introducing our Perimeter Pest Control. 

Perimeter pest control is an effective method of keeping pest out of your home by creating a protective shield around it. Imagine an invisible force field repelling bugs from trying to get inside.

No one wants to be bothered with inconveniently timed appointments, messy sprays, or bothersome odors. Our first service treats the inside of your home causing the expiration of unwanted guest. Our follow treatments are performed on the outside of your home leaving you free to focus on life, not pesty insects.

Why Perimeter Pest Control?

Regardless of the time of year pest seek entrance to your home. Florida has more types of insects than any other part of the country due to our humid environment, which mimics the tropical lifestyles where bugs thrive. If these pest get into your home it can make for an unsafe and unsanitary living space. Luckily, our residential pest control option protects the perimeter of your home.

The safely and comfort of your family and pets is important to us. The health of your lawn and plant life is also cherished. Therefore we use only safe and environmentally friendly chemicals.

Just A Few Reasons To Choose Perimeter Pest Control from All Service Pest Management

  • SHIELDS UP! Unwanted pest can’t get access to your home.
  • It takes place outdoors. It’s not necessary for you to be present. No appointment necessary. Go do something fun!
  • Not harmful to your precious plant life, grass, ornamentals, etc…
  • Effective on a variety of harmful pest.

How Does Perimeter Pest Control Work?

Our Residential Pest Control Plan Consist Of 3 Phases

PHASE 1 … “The Clean Out”
PHASE 2 … “The Follow-Up”
PHASE 3 … “The Maintenance Plan”

Our first visit consist of the clean out. This is where those pesty invaders inside your home say “bye bye”. We treat the attic, the inside of the home, the garage, and screenrooms or entryways if any. We also provide a full perimeter treatment at this time.
On our second visit in 2-4 weeks a follow-up application is necessary to the success of the program. Bugs don’t stand a chance.
Now that your home is pest free it is important to keep it that way. Every other month we stop by and provide a perimeter treatment denying access to creepy crawly biting things.

Please note: In some instances PPC (perimeter pest control) is not possible. Therefore at times IPM (interior pest management) is required. This can be determined at the initial inspection by your pest technician.

Do you need pest control for your lawn and ornamentals? 

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