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 Organic Pest Control Options Here In Port Charlotte, FloridaAll Service Pest Management, Inc is proud to offer Organic Pest Control as an option for your pest control needs. The products used today are certainly much safer than those used decades ago, but why stop there? Our newest offering is both safe and effective. So give us a call or send us a message using our contact form to get started.

A Safer Solution

Let’s face it. There should be no “side effects” to having pest control services. We want to remain healthy and reduce our exposure to foreign chemicals. We love our children and our pets. And of course we don’t want to do anything to harm them. While traditional pest control products are generally safe, everyone is unique and responds differently to various environments. That’s why we wanted to provide our community with an even safer option.

What Can Our Organic Service Provide?

  • General Indoor Pest Control
  • Perimeter Treatments
  • Lawn Ant Control
  • Mosquito and Other Biting Flies Control
  • To Control Spiders, Flying Insects, and Nuisance Pests Around Boat Docks
  • For General Lawn Pest Control
  • To Control Whitefly On Trees & Shrubs

So Why Go Organic?

Pests cannot develop a resistance to organic products. Generally, over time, traditional products can lose their effectiveness, as the lone surviving insects reproduce and have offspring that develop a tolerance for the insecticide.

Plants and turf are not exposed to what some would debate as being harmful toxins. Likewise you and your family and pets can all sleep well at night knowing safe products were used to treat your property.

Why Didn’t We Offer Organic Pest Control Sooner?

To be honest it was about the effectiveness. We don’t water down our products as do a few of our much larger competitors and we didn’t want to offer a less effective product either in the name of “going green”.

Over the past few years Organic Products have come a long way. As organic technologies have taken a step forward and after careful research and testing we now feel we can offer a product that we can stand behind. So we are “GOING GREEN” now for all the right reasons. It’s all about being honest and doing what is best for our customers.

We Offer Organic Nuisance Animal Trapping Too! No chemicals at all. Just a big cage and a field trip.

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