New Rodent Exclusion Product – The Roof Vent Boot Guard

We Now Offer The Roof Vent Boot Guard As An Option

New Product For Rodent Exclusion, The Roof Vent Boot GuardOne of the reasons we continue to be the best pest control service in Charlotte county is because we are always learning and evolving when new science, technology, and products emerge. In this post we want to introduce our newest option in the “Rodent Exclusion Service” we provide.

What Is A Roof Vent Boot Guard?

Roof Vent Boot Guard is a patented PVC made device that goes over your pipe flashing. It is designed to prevent the intrusion of unwanted rodents from penetrating your roof, but still allowing for release of gases from the home.

Available in seven different colors to match the look and style of your home, and in two different sizes, the maker spent a lot of time on design to be visually appealing and not just functional.

Pipe Flashing On A Roof Top

Now I’m Lost. What Is A Pipe Flashing?

A Pipe Flashing is made to seal small ventilation pipes on the roof of your home. For example the exhaust fan in the bathroom expels gases and moisture from the bathroom, up through the roof, and out pipes on the roof.

It’s important though that the pipes are not allowing water to flow back into the roof and cause water damage. That is where the pipe flashing comes in. Rodents have been know to gnaw at the pipe flashing to gain entrance to homes where they do various damage in the roof to plumbing, electrical wiring, etc… Additionally, the damage to the pipe flashing then no longer properly seals out water and water damage can occur.

Before Roof Vent Boot Guard



Installed Roof Vent Boot Guards



Colors To Match Your Home | Roof Vent Boot Guard



Pipe Leak Rodent Damage In The AtticWhat Do Rodents Want With My Home Anyway?

Rodents want the same thing you do. They want in your roof for a safe, warm, dry, place to start a family. The problem is critters can do all sorts of damage to your home.

Pipes in the attic can sweat. This attracts them to lick at first, then naw. This can cause leaks and all sorts of water damage that can be very expensive to repair.

To avoid costly repairs contact All Service Pest Management, Inc at (941) 627-5833 for our Rodent Prevention and take advantage of our new product. Contact us and ask to add the Roof Vent Boot Guard to keep unwanted critters outside where they belong.