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Protect Yourself With Our Mosquito Control BarrierMosquito Control can protect you from the diseases mosquitoes are know to carry. In the past decade we have watched on the news as one disease after another has spread. And we wonder what is next. Diseases like…

  • West Nile Virus
  • Encephalitis
  • Chikungunya
  • and Zika

and we certainly have grown uncomfortable going outside in the evening with almost a guarantee of being bitten in our beautiful tropical environment here in Florida.

What Is A Mosquito Control Barrier?

Application Of Our Mosquito Control BarrierA Mosquito Barrier is made with a power sprayer or a back pack mist blower. The application contains an insecticide to kill mosquitoes and growth regulators to prevent their growth or development. It is applied to their nesting areas. Plant life around your home gets the application. Additionally, a perimeter spray occurs around the outside of your home. A third substance in the mix helps the mist to stick to vegetation or other surfaces on your property while a fourth prevents it from drifting away with the wind after application.

Another growth regulator is applied to standing water and inside tree holes where water can accumulate. This will prevent immature mosquitoes from developing into adults.

The application of our Mosquito Barrier last two to three months, and sometimes longer. How long it works depends on weather and various circumstances. However, WE GUARANTEE TWO MONTHS! If in less than 2 months the mosquitoes are back we will come back and treat again at no charge. Every two months we come back and reapply the barrier to continue the cycle of mosquito free outdoor enjoyment.

Take Back Your Backyard

With our Mosquito Control you can start enjoying the outdoors again. Have fun without fear of bites and diseases. Having a problem with ants? You need our lawn pest control service. We will eliminate the ants while bringing back the health of your lawn.

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