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Lawn Pest Control, Port Charlotte, FL | All Service Pest ManagementHealthy Lawns Require More Than Just Water

Did you know that those brown patches in your lawn are likely caused by pest eating away at the roots? In addition, insects diminish the lawns ability to absorb water. Even if you water it more it is not going to solve the problem. Several pest chew away at the roots. You might need the professionals at All Service Pest Management to have a look.

Lawn pest do more than just hinder the beauty of your outdoor world. Plenty of them can even be detrimental to the health of your family as well as your loving pets. Beyond lawn and ornamental damage comes bites, stings, and allergic reactions. Some of them even want into your home.

We are happy to provide both lawn pest control and ornamental pest control services. Ask about our special offers when bundling multiple services.

Our Three Tier Approach To The Beautiful Outdoors

Lawn Pest Control & OrnamentalsInsect Control

Regularly scheduled applications of insecticides are necessary to prevent infestation of (1) Chinch Bugs, (2) Grub Worms, (3) Sod Webworms, and (4) Mole Crickets. These pest bring destruction to Florida lawns all in their own unique ways.

Fertilizer Application

People need balanced nutrition to heal, grow, and fight off infections… and your lawn and garden are no different.

Weed Control

Applications are made to prevent weed encroachment in your outdoor paradise. Some weeds even attract more pest.

Avoid Bites, Stings, and Allergic Reactions

“Mommy Something Is Biting Me”. You can take steps today to take over your backyard again and enjoy the outdoors. No one enjoys being bit by ants. Beyond just eliminating pest that are harmful to your turf and plant life, All Service Pest Management also obliterates biting ants, fleas, and spiders.

Do you need indoor pest control services? Need care for a sick palm tree?

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