How Are Bugs Entering My Home?

I’ve got ants, roaches, and spiders in my home! How? Where are they coming from?

How Are Bugs Entering My Home?

Where Are They All Coming From?

Most of us have had that intruder experience. I’m not talking about a break-in. I’m talking about pests.

It’s late and the lights are probably dim. You are up, for whatever reason. Maybe to use the rest room or perhaps getting ready for bed. Then all of a sudden you see a roach or two race across the kitchen counter like they’ve got nitro. Or even worse, you hear a scream in the bedroom. You race to see what happened and you come face to face with the meanest nastiest looking spider you have ever seen up on the corner of the wall.

After quickly grabbing the fly swatter, a can of outdated pesticide, and perhaps the broom… you are now ready to be a show-off in front of the significant other. You muster your deepest fight ready voice “How did YOU get in here?” Try not to break the furniture HERO.

Isn’t that the question? How DID you get in here anyway?

For those of you that ponder life’s important questions we thought we would provide useful information to our customers and readers.

So how are bugs getting into my home anyway?

In Port Charlotte, Florida the three most common indoor pest are Ants, Roaches, and Spiders.

Lets Talk About Ants First or Illegal Antry

Illegal Antry

An Ant Attempting To Enter Through A Glass Sliding Door Tract

Commonly we are contacted about Ghost Ants. Despite their name, they are not dead, at least not yet (did you set an appointment). They are alive and attracted to greasy and sweet foods (and who isn’t?). Ghost Ants get their name because you can actually see through them, they are kind of transparent. Ghost Ants don’t bite, unless you are a tiny piece of cookie left on the kitchen counter or a cake crumb on the floor.

The other common “antruder” is the Big Headed Ant. These guys are big headed, as in arrogant. In fact they don’t even clean up after themselves. You may have seen these little”dirt piles” left by the BHA ants in bathrooms, kitchens, around doors, windows, and baseboards. Bites are not common with these guys but it does happen from time to time.

Ants live in the plant life near your home and around the foundation in addition to the ant hills you may see in your yard. Ants tend to get up under the foundation and find there way in through cracks in the foundation and walls, and underneath and around doors and windows. You’ll see them around your baseboards or maybe even on the kitchen counters.

And Now On To Roaches

Pests Come In Through The Door Like Us

Glass Sliding Door Tracts Are A Common Entrance For Pest. Roaches Often Come Around Plumbing Areas That Need To Be Sealed Up

When we think of roaches we try not to think back to those old episodes of Fear Factor where contestants compete to overcome their fears, and eat roaches…or swim in roaches… or Fill In The Blank roaches. You get the idea. Roaches are some of the most disgusting pest we as homeowners deal with.

The Palmetto Bug (also know as the American Roach) is the larger of the two most common roaches. Like the name implies they live in palmetto bushes or palm trees. Roaches come in mostly around plumbing and entry ways where something is not sealed properly. They usually make their way in from outside the home on their own by crawling through tiny gaps around doors, pipes and other open spaces… and a little maintenance will lock them out.

The German Cockroach is the smaller of the two and are the ones you commonly see in apartments. German cockroaches are usually transported into the property by humans inside furniture, electronics, used appliances, etc..

And That Brings Us back To Spiders

Common House Spider On Laundry Room Corner Wall

Common House Spider Up In Corner Of Wall. These Spiders Are Usually Seen In The Garage And Make Their Way In At A Laundry Room Door Or Entryway

Two popular spiders are the Wolf Spider and the Common House Spider.

The Common House Spider is a rather small skinny spider and you will usually see their webs in the corner of your garage or inside your home up in a corner of a room. The Wolf Spider does not spin webs. Like the name implies, the Wolf is a hunter, even hunting other spiders. This spider can get rather huge and will make you think twice about grabbing a broom instead of a flyswatter. Another faster intruder is the Jumping Spider, commonly found on the outside walls of homes.

A Hunting Wolf Spider

The Wolf Spider Waits For The Garage Door To Open. Once It Opens…He’s INSIDE!

Spiders are attracted to flying insects as a food source and flying insects are attracted to the exterior lights of the houses. Homes on the water may potentially see more spiders because flying insect breed on the banks of the water.

Spiders tend to enter like we do…through the door. Spiders can be sneaky, wedging themselves under a door, invisible and waiting for you to open it. Spiders like entry though glass sliding doors and tracts, as well as, those harmless laundry room doors that are also commonly an entry from the garage. Contrary to popular belief, spiders do not normally enter a home through the a/c duct systems.

This only happens if the vents were not fitted properly and you have spiders in the attic.

What Can You Do To Prevent Bugs From Entering Your Home?

Pest Control Tips:

The best thing to do is exclusion. Seal and weatherproof your home. Cut off entryways and seal any cracks in the foundation.
Bright lights at night attract some food source insects. Turn the light off, dim the light, or replace the bulb.
Be aware of your entryways when entering or exiting your home. You may have an uninvited guest at the door.
Remove webs around the perimeter of your home.

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