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Green Healthy Lawn Tips For Port Charlotte

Healthy Lawn Tips | All Service Pest Management, Inc What many people do not realize is that having a healthy green lawn requires several essential steps, some effort and insight, and the right service providers. In this article we have listed some steps you can take now to have a think green healthy turf the neighbors will be envious of. Hopefully our Healthy Lawn Tips provide some useful information and help you improve the beauty of your outdoors.

Tip #1! First and Most Importantly (you guessed it) Pest Control

It should be obvious that no amount of water or fertilizer is going to help if you have various pests like Grub Worms, Chinch Bugs, and Mole Crickets destroying the roots and eating it from the roots on up. The important thing to know is that these insects damage the grass and diminish the lawns ability to conduct water.

The most dangerous pest to your lawn isn’t ants, it’s Grubs. Grubs eat the roots of your lawn. When you start to see dead patches of grass and think it needs more water, it’s more likely Grubs at the buffet.

It should be noted that weeds should be considered as pests as well if they encroach on your lawn. Our starting point is a basic lawn care application. The initial application consist of:

  1. Treatment for weeds
  2. Fertilizer
  3. Spraying for pests

Follow-up treatments occur every 60 days with inspections and spot treatments as needed. Yes, our lawn service will rid your yard of Ants too!

Tip #2! Second is Proper Irrigation

As a human would you drink a couple extra gallons of water in today in anticipation of not drinking any for a week or two? Absolutely not. Yet, I always hear “why do I have to water? It’s Florida and it rains a lot already.” The problem is that the first time a week goes by with no rain the sun will bake the moisture out of it, and the grass will start dying.

However, the problem many of our clients run into isn’t lack of water. The problem is coverage. If your system is not covering your whole lawn there are obviously going to be patches that are not getting water. To get a healthy green lawn you must make sure all the grass is getting the proper amount of water.

Talk to an irrigation specialist about your lawn. Having a professional look at your irrigation system is a common recommendation we provide when assessing problems with a lawn.

Tip #3! Third is Proper Cutting Strategies

Cutting a lawn too low is a recipe for a unhealthy lawn. Even worse is the result from cutting from a dull blade.

So raise up the cutting level a few notches. Lawns trimmed too low can cause the ground to dry out too much, and especially during the summer months. It also makes it easier for weed seeds to germinate. Dull blades cause more of a ripping and tearing rather than clean cuts which are better for a lawn.

Finally, avoid mowing when the grass is wet. The tires are more likely to damage the turf. Wet grass is also more likely to tear rather than cut cleanly.

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