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Sting Risk Warning

Bees can be more than a nuisance, they can be deadly. It is important not to startle the bees or make them feel they need to protect themselves or the hive. People should stay a safe distance away. It is very important not to swat a bee in the vicinity of the hive or other bees. Bees give off “alarm pheromones” a scent that tells other bees to enter red alert and attack.

Whatever you do, do not try to spray bees with a can of pesticide spray. No only will you endanger yourself, but also those of your family and neighbors could also be attacked.

Leave It To The Pros

We are professionals with decades of experience removing bees and bee hives safely from homes and commercial properties. Not only do we have the experience, we also have the right equipment. Whether the hive is in a nearby tree or in a wall of your home we know just how to handle it.

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There are many challenges facing honey bees these days and many causes being blamed for those challenges. The truth of the matter is in many cases we simply don’t know. One of the greatest challenges they are facing is Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). CCD is characterized by a hive that still has its queen but is missing most or all of its adult bees, with a distinct lack of dead bees around and near the hive to explain where the adult workers went. Bees do not normally abandon a hive while there are capped brood- eggs planted in cells that have been sealed. Other clear signs of CCD are the presence of these capped brood, as well as stored honey and pollen. In addition, attacks by the usual moths and mites, as well as robber bees that would normally take immediate advantage of a weak or abandoned hive, are significantly delayed and the a noticeable time lapse before these critters begin to attack. If there is no queen, then it is simply assumed the hive died because of a lack of queen so her presence is one of the requirements for it to be CCD. With CCD and other unknown challenges facing the honey bee population it has been determined by the state of Florida that introducing ferral bees to a managed bee operation could bee devastating. We utilize bee removal by extermination.

The State of Florida recommendation

The State of Florida recommendation established by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Service’s (FDACS) Apiary Section is that all feral colonies or swarms should be considered “Africanized” that are located in close proximity to people or animals should be eradicated by a pest control operator (PCO) trained in honey bee colony eradication and removal. Further, FDACS recommends that swarm and colonies are not removed by beekeepers but only by Pest Control Operators trained to do so.

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