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Port Charlotte Bed Bug ExterminatorPeople don’t like to admit they have bed bug problem. And who would, really? It is thought that social-economic conditions (aka being poor) is a major factor. That is a misconception. Bed bugs don’t care about money, race, or politics. They want blood. Plain and simple. And bed bugs seek to live in places where they can get what they want while they hope to go undiscovered (kinda like Bill Cosby). Of course they live around beds, but that’s not all. A local movie theater even had a bed bug problem a few years back.

Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?

It is thought that bed bugs originated in the middle east and originally fed on bats in caves before moving on to humans. Some of the oldest fossilized bed bugs date back more than 3,5oo years. Some even tried to use bed bugs in early medicine. Over the course of civilization as man has traded and spread across the world, so indeed bed bugs have spread as well.

No, How Did I Get Bed Bugs?

Been to a hotel or motel recently? It doesn’t matter how nice and expensive the location. Bed bugs like bling too. Perhaps you bought some used clothing or furniture? Stayed over at a friends house? Yes, it could have been. Those weren’t apple seeds on the corner of the bed after all. Bed bugs travel on furniture, clothing, or the body itself.

Where Can I Find Bed Bugs If I Have Them?

A Bedbug Close Up

A Close Up. Not actual size of bedbug.

Bed bugs look like little apple seeds from a distance. The younger ones are almost transparent, while the adults are dark brown and can measure a quarter of an inch. Look for bed bugs or the yellow skins they shed near where you sleep. You can also find them by looking for droppings or small red blood stains

The first place to look is in the pillow cases. Check any seems in quilts or sheets, bed skirts, and under the bed, including the box springs, the bed frame, behind the headboard and in storage. They can hide in wood, fabric, metal, foam, and electronics. So if you suspect bed bugs search the entire bedroom. Most often bed bugs stay near to their food source, which of course is humans. If you have bites also look at other furniture you relax in like sofa, recliners, and office chairs.

What Can Be Done About Bed Bug Situation?

Contact All Service Pest Management today. We have proven success eradicating bed bugs. Typically, we usually need to make two visits to completely remove the little trouble makers, provided you have followed our instructions fully and without compromise. Your technician will go over with you in detail what needs to be done.

We use a special HEPA vacuum to pick up as many as we can. We also use a steam method of exterminating. Finally, we use an appropriate insecticide for bed bugs. Your appropriate preparations will seal the deal preventing any re-infestations.

Bed bug bites sometimes can resemble mosquito bites. Oh, did you know we can even eliminate mosquitoes from your outdoors so you can start enjoying your evenings again bite free? Check out our Mosquito Control.

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