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Note: A bat exclusion is a non-lethal way of evicting bats from a building without harming them.

There Are 13 Species Of Bat In FloridaBat Diseases Can Be Lethal

If you have bats in your attic or otherwise sharing a human dwelling or commercial property it’s important to get them to relocate. Guano, or bat waste, represents a serious potential health risk. Guano can carry several diseases dangerous to humans.

Bats can themselves also harbor life threatening illness easily spread to humans. It was reported by Fox News on 1/15/18 that a 6 year old child right here in Florida died after he touched a bat against his parents instructions. The bat scratched him and he contracted rabies. It was too late for a vaccine to work once his symptoms progressed.

Scrap The Extermination Plan

Before you go bat hunting there are a few things you should know. Most species of bats are federally protected in the United States as part of Endangered Species laws. Florida as well as other states have additional laws protecting and regulating treatment of bats. Bat EvictionPest and Animal Control services are heavily regulated as to how bats may be removed from human dwellings. It’s against the law to kill, injure, or posses a bat, or mess around with their habitat.

It’s also important to mention that bats are not purposely harmful to humans. The don’t seek out humans to attack or bite them like some movies may portray. Instead, bats do us a huge service every day. They eat tons and tons of mosquitoes. You actually want bats around, just not in your home or place of business.

There are several organizations out there with the sole purpose of protecting bats and educating the community about the benefits of bats in nature and laws governing their protection. One example is the Florida Bat Conservancy.

Our Services To Remove Bats

Bat Exclusion BoxesBats go out to eat mosquitoes and other flying insects almost every night. They prefer warmer weather. If its too cold they’ll stay indoors for the night, but everyone gets hungry including bats.

All Service Pest Management checks the property for entry points and seals most of them off. We leave at least one exit for the bats and we install a one-way-door device. They are able to leave, but not able to return.

We also have bat boxes available. Since bats are beneficial it’s helpful to provide habitats for them that protect them from the environment and give them a place to roost.

Anything Else To Know?

It is illegal to conduct a bat exclusion in Florida from April 16 through August 14. During this period bats are caring for their young. Evicting bats during this time can lead to the young starving to death. The dead animal will produce nasty odors that are hard to remove and may even be harmful to your health.

Call All Service Pest Management right away if you suspect you may have bats and need an exclusion service. We encourage you to consider our bat boxes for them to settle in after their eviction.

Often the entrances bats use to get indoors were made by another animal. We also offer Rodent Control and Animal Trapping services.

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